PACCAC is a grassroots movement committed to uncovering and exposing corruption within the realm of local politics. Our mission is clear: to bring transparency, accountability, and fairness to the forefront of our community's political landscape. We believe that a well-informed electorate is essential for maintaining the integrity of our democratic processes.

Our dedicated team delves into the actions and decisions of local politicians, aiming to shed light on any instances of misconduct, unethical behavior, and misuse of power. We scrutinize financial disclosures, analyze public records, and investigate political maneuvers to reveal the truth behind closed doors.

Every politician we investigate is given their own dedicated tab, allowing you to explore the detailed research and evidence we've collected. We aim to provide a comprehensive overview of their actions, so you can make informed judgments about their suitability for public office.

As concerned citizens, we invite you to join us in our efforts to foster transparency and accountability. Follow us on Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube to stay updated on our investigations, engage in discussions, and raise awareness about the issues that matter to our community. If you don't have an account on these social media platforms, not to worry, we have you covered. Just click one of the icons at the bottom of this page and pop some popcorn. You can view these videos without creating an account.

Together, we can build a stronger, more accountable local government and ensure that our elected officials truly represent the interests of the people they serve. Thank you for joining us in this important mission!